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Ethel Miller-Reith is a master storyteller and an accomplished writer. Her latest book, Chickadee is an original fairy tale inspired by love and told through a colorful group of birds with their unique relationship with customers and beauticians in the Scarlet Plumage beauty salon.  Chickadee can be purchased as a keepsake or can be a personalized gift for brides, bridesmaids, hairdressers, and friends.


Ethel's second book, Towntom, is about a great grandmother passing down the importance of caring for the planet and the traditions of the Native American culture.  Recognizing her storytelling and writing abilities, a non-profit group, asked Ethel to write Towntom.  Ethel's story Towntom was blessed by Chief Howling Wolf, a prestigious honor reserved for those outside the Native American tribe.  Chief Howling Wolf of the Mic Mac Tribe, a local Connecticut Tribe, said the story brought him back to the reservation when he was a boy. If you are interested in a tale that highlights the sacred art of storytelling with the beautiful traditions of Native American culture-you will certainly treasure this book.


A Golden Bell a Pomegranate and a Golden Bell is a play written for theater groups to celebrate their talents with their communities.  If you love Christmas stories, you will love this play, which has a charming and romantic history of bells intertwined with three acts derived from the Old and New Testaments and a family at Christmas.  This story, told by the main character Grand May, will start your holidays off with a new energy and the spirit of Christmas.


Ethel can tell a short version of Chickadee, or The Man, the Ring, the Gown at any event you may have or have her customize your story or write a new tale for you or your organization. She also holds workshops on inspiration, imagination, gifts and vision.  Visit the Contact page to book Ethel for a storytelling event or the Books page to purchase a book.


- Storyteller, Author, Poet, Playwright. -

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