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ChickadeeThe most recent short story, Chickadee, is published as a keepsake book.  It makes a great gift for brides, bridesmaids, hairdressers, bird lovers, or for anyone on their special day!


Chickadee is a wildly funny, entertaining song bird who takes you on an adventure from the Scarlet Plumage Beauty Shop, into the wilds of nature, and then back again to a beautiful wedding with a whole host of adorable characters along the way.


Hire Ethel to tell the short version of Chickadee at your wedding or special day!



Non-Profit and Theater Groups


Read Chickadee's review by Prof. Kristine Dennehy


$24.95 plus shipping


TowntomTOWNTOM has the beat of the Native American people's drums as the narrative of the story.  Chief Howling Wolf from the Mic Mac tribe in Connecticut blessed the story.  He said it took him back to the reservation when he was a boy.


The story was inspired by Towntom, the only Native American woman listed in the 1640 censes of Norwalk CT.  Towntom takes her great grandson Red Wolf with her for a brief period to teach him the ways of their people and the meaning of life and death in the Native American culture.


$14.95 each plus shipping.

(part of the proceeds are donated to various A.I.D.S. organizations)


A Golden BellA GOLDEN BELL A POMEGRANATE AND A GOLDEN BELL is a playbook.  Three stories expertly woven into one tale of hope and miracles. The story is told by a futuristic grandmother to her grandchildren.  It follows the history of a crotal bell made by the people of Israel and through the Old and New Testament to a family who is losing their home at Christmastime.  The story is rich in history and miracles, sure to catch and hold your imagination right through the unexpected ending!



$10.95 each plus shipping.






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